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DIY Mobility Stick

I first heard Coach Diaz mention Stick Mobility on the Natural Running Network podcast. It looked like the PVC pipe mobility from a CrossFit class taken to a whole new level. I was intrigued, but the price for a set was $170 at the time, which was way more than I was going to shell out at the time. A few months went by, and I started seeing them popup up in other places, and the price was much lower, so I thought I’d give them a try.

You can get away with a plain ol’ PVC pipe for many of the movements, but I found my hands slipping and quickly realized that the grips on Stick Mobility‘s product weren’t just for looks. I grabbed my knock-off VooDoo band, wrapped it around one end, and voila! Grip. I made a couple upgrades to my ghetto stick as I used it more, and ultimately ended up with something that checks all the boxes — except the polished, professional look.

Before I give you instructions on making your own, I must say that Stick Mobility isn’t just a product. It’s a method they’ve developed to help people relieve pain and improve range of motion. They provide a lot of free content, and it’s worth supporting their business. A single 7 foot stick is listed for $70 right now, so it’s not as intimidating as the $170 price tag I saw originally. If you benefit from their modality, buy a stick at some point. The method is very effective, and they’ve given me a toolset that has delivered on its promise. I was going to attend their certification in early April 2020, but that was cancelled when the world shut down and everyone went insane, so…


630 PSI gray PVC

1″ PVC pipe

Get something with a higher PSI. I like the gray 630 PSI. Lowes sells a 10 footer for $7 each.

Floss/Mobility bands

Originally known as Kelly’ Starrett’s VooDoo bands. If you don’t already own one, I’d highly recommend them. More on those later, but WODNation has a good option.

1.5″ Rubber Caps

You want these to be a little oversized to fit around the pipe and the rubber band. These worked for me.


  1. Cut a mobility band in half. You should have two 3.5″ bands.
  2. Measure 16″ from one end of the PVC. Start wrapping there, overlapping about 1/4″.
  3. Once you get to the end, wrap the band over itself, like when you’re using it for its intended purpose.
  4. Stick the rubber cap on.
  5. Repeat for the other side.

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